Elevated Insights Assessment is fully vaccinated against COVID-19!

We are excited to be able to provide in-person testing appointments and are looking forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointment. As a team, we are committed to supporting the overall health and well-being of our community and acknowledge that we are stronger when working together. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic EIA has taken considerable steps to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus within the office and we have posted our efforts on our website and in our office waiting room. Only time-limited testing appointments are being scheduled for in-person sessions at this time. All other evaluation services will be provided remotely via Telehealth. The decision about whether to engage in in-personassessmentservices is based on current conditions and guidelines, which may change at any time.  It is possible thatpostponement of your testing appointmentmaybe necessary at some point based on consideration of health and safety issues.EIAwill make the final determination based on a careful weighing of the risks and applicable regulations.  If you have any questions about your upcoming appointment with Elevated Insights Assessment, please don’t hesitate to reach out: 303-756-1197; info@elevatedinsights.org

What we (EIA) are doing: 

  • All EIA staff and clinicians are fully vaccinated
  • Each clinician has a designated day in the office and ONLY one client and/or (parent and child) will be seen at a time in the office to minimize traffic. No additional visitors/family members will be permitted. 
  • The waiting room has been cleared of all extraneous objects/materials that may pose additional risk. 

  • HEPA filters are used in testing areas in order to promote ventilation. 
  • A minimum of 45 minutes between clients will be scheduled to allow sufficient time for disinfecting surfaces and materials. All materials/shared spaces will be cleaned and sanitized in between client and clinician contact.
  • Clients, family members, and clinicians will be screened prior to entering the office for symptoms and exposure to symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Face coverings are required for all individuals within shared spaces of our building (elevators, stairways, etc.)All clinicians will be wearing face shields upon arrival. 
  • Each family will be provided disinfected materials (clipboards, writing utensils) which will be theirs for the duration of the appointment. 
  • In the testing area, a plexiglass partition will separate the examiner and examinee’s testing area.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily accessible throughout office spaces.

We might look different:

Please consider sharing the images below with your child prior to arrival to help prepare them for our enhanced safety measures.