A Collection of Resources for Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Over the past several years new resources, information, and communities have emerged that specifically celebrate, communicate, and illuminate the unique experiences of girls and women diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. As such, we at Elevated Insights Assessment want to share our collection of resources and materials related to autism in the female population to [...]

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Back to School: The Power of Routine

The transition from summer break to the school year can be challenging for children and families alike. Shifts in bedtimes, early mornings, after-school activities, and homework completion are changes that can increase stress and wear on patience. Creating a routine helps children predict what lies ahead. It also supports development of organization and planning skills, [...]

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Dr. Kate Colón Appointed to CPA’s Board of Directors

Co-Founder of Elevated Insights Assessment, Dr. Kate Colón, was recently nominated and appointed to the Early Career Psychologist At-Large board seat on Colorado Psychological Association's Board of Directors for the 2019-2022 term. CPA’s mission is to advance the profession of psychology through advocacy and education for the promotion of psychological health and wellbeing. An Early [...]

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Welcome, Kelsey!

Elevated Insights Assessment is thrilled to welcome Postdoctoral Candidate, Kelsey Hyde. Kelsey is earning her doctoral degree from the University of Denver in Clinical Psychology and is ready to celebrate graduation on August 16, 2019, when she will officially become Dr. Kelsey Hyde. She has a strong background in psychological assessment working within medical, residential, community [...]

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Community Partner Events – July 2019

Elevated Insights Assessment is pleased to present our families and friends with a list of FREE and Low-Cost Child and Family Friendly Events in Denver for the month of July 2019 July 1: Enjoy Monday Movie Madness (for the month of July) at Infinity Park with gates opening at 6:30 and movies starting at 7:00 [...]

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Managing Your Child’s or Teen’s Screen Time: Tips, Considerations, and Resources

Summer time is here! While children and teens are excited to have finally reached their summer break, many parents are feeling the added pressure and stress to plan and schedule extra daily activities. Without regular school hours, most youth turn to video games, social media, video streaming services, and other digital pastimes. Increased screen time, [...]

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End-of-School-Year Stress: 4 Tips for the Final Stretch

With the 2018-2019 school year coming to an end, children and parents are filled with anticipation for the summer days ahead. At the same time, the end of the school year can be overwhelming for children and parents alike. As the school year is quickly coming to a close, many families are experiencing heightened levels [...]

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Elevated Insights Assessment is now hiring! We’re seeking a part-time office manager to join our team.

Elevated Insights Assessment (EIA) is looking for an enthusiastic, organized, personable, and technologically-savvy office manager to support a growing psychological private practice. The part-time office manager position includes: flexible hours and up to 20-hours of work per week, a competitive hourly-rate, and a fun and lively work environment. The ideal candidate for this position is [...]

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We’re Growing! Meet Dr. Jenna Scott

Elevated Insights Assessment is excited to introduce you to their newest addition to the team. Dr. Jenna Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her background in psychological assessment and work with children and their families. With her doctorate in clinical psychology from George Washington University, Dr. Scott has extensive experience conducting neuropsychological [...]

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Community Partner Spotlight: Ascend Learning Center

Ascend Learning Center is comprised of a team of highly trained clinicians with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds in education, psychology and research, with the goal of offering clients Denver's top educational consulting team. Ascend Learning Center provides research-based remediation for students struggling with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. [...]

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